Ticket Booking

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Step 1 - Membership Type

Please choose if you are an existing member, existing member unpaid or a new member. Membership of Royal Windsor Horse Show Club provides a metal badge for the member allowing access for all days of the Show and a Guest Badge for each day of the Show.


Step 2 - Choose Additional Guests

Please choose any additional guests and the days they will be attending. Concessions are for over 65s and under 16s. A maximum of 4 extra guests are allowed for each member each day. Disabled guest tickets includes a complementary ticket for a carer.

Extra Guest - Thursday Adult

Extra Guest - Thursday Concession

Extra Guest - Thursday Disabled

Extra Guest - Friday Adult

Extra Guest - Friday Concession

Extra Guest - Friday Disabled

Extra Guest – Saturday Adult

Extra Guest – Saturday Concession

Extra Guest - Saturday Disabled

Extra Guest – Sunday Adult

Extra Guest – Sunday Concession

Extra Guest - Sunday Disabled

Step 3 - Extra Forward Parking

One forward parking pass is provided with your membership each day. Should you wish to purchase additional parking for guests, please do so here.

Extra Forward Parking - Thursday

Extra Forward Parking - Friday

Extra Forward Parking - Saturday

Extra Forward Parking - Sunday

Step 4 - Extra Parking on No.1 Car Park

This is located within the Showground in very close proximity to the Royal Windsor Horse Show Club enclosure. You may want to picnic in the No. 1 Car Park. This car park is £50 and is not included in the Membership package.

Parking on no.1 car park - Thursday

Parking on no.1 car park - Friday

Out of stock

Parking on no.1 car park - Saturday

Out of stock

Parking on no.1 car park - Sunday

Out of stock

Step 5 - Restaurant Reservation

Restaurant reservations are now open and are managed by Mosimann’s. Please either call them on 020 7838 6330 or email bookingshornbeam@mosimann.com